Extended field trips

Texas 2018

This was a four day trip to Texas Hill Country for Golden-cheeked Warblers, Black-capped Vireos,and many more, along with a trip to a bat cave.

Ohio 2017

A trip to Magee Marsh on the edge of Lake Erie for an unforgettable spring migration.

Southern California 2014

Twenty people traveled to San Diego for a nine day birding marathon that went from the sea to the desert to the mountains.

Nebraska 2014

Eleven people traveled to Northern Nebraska for a three day stay at the Hutton/Niobrara sanctuary owned by Audubon of Kansas

Washington State 2012

Fourteen members traveled to the Pacific Northwest for a week of birding in a lot of habitats: temperate rainforest, coniferous forest, alpine parkland, shrub-steppe, costal waters and pelagic.

Florida 2010

This trip was our most ambitious to date. Twenty three people flew to Ft. Lauderdale for five days in South Florida, including a trip to the Dry Tortugas.

Rio Grande Valley 2009

Twenty-three birders traveled to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas for seven days of great birding.

Arizona 2006

Seventeen people traveled with us for a trek to hit all the hotspots of Southeast Arizona.

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These are all the extended field trips we have taken over the years, along with the people who organized and led them.

  • 1979 Galveston Island, Ralph & Mary Wiley
  • 1980 Southeast Arizona, Ralph & Mary Wiley, Bev & Ruth Hodges
  • 1981 Ft. Collins/National Audubon Convention, Ralph & Mary Wiley, Bev & Ruth Hodges
  • 1982 Niobrara, Nebraska, Ralph & Mary Wiley, Bev & Ruth Hodges
  • 1983 Galveston Island, Ralph & Mary Wiley
  • 1984 ConCan, TX, Ralph & Mary Wiley
  • 1985 Lake Isabel, CO, Dan Kilby & Ralph Wiley
  • 1986 Rio Grande Valley, TX, Jay Newton
  • 1987 Black Mesa, OK, Dan Kilby
  • 1988 Manitoba, Canada, Bev & Ruth Hodges
  • 1989 Delta, CO, Dan Kilby
  • 1990 Beaver’s Bend, OK, Rick Goodrich
  • 1991 King’s Ranch, TX, Dan Kilby
  • 1992 NE Minnesota, Pete Janzen
  • 1993 Galveston, TX, Dan Kilby
  • 1994 SE Arizona, Sandra Tholen & Tammy Troutman
  • 1995 Ft. Collins, CO, Sandra Tholen
  • 1996 Rio Grande Valley, TX, Sandra Tholen
  • 1997 Minot, SD, Sandra Tholen
  • 1998 Concan, TX, Sandra Tholen
  • 1999 Beaver’s Bend, OK, Patty Marlett
  • 2002 Big Bend, TX, Patty Marlett & Kevin Groeneweg
  • 2003 Roaring River State Park, MO, Patty Marlett & Kevin Groeneweg
  • 2004 Colorado Grouse, Patty Marlett
  • 2004 Hutton Niobrara Sanctuary, Nebraska, Patty Marlett
  • 2005 High Island, TX, Patty Marlett & Kevin Groeneweg
  • 2006 SE Arizona & N. Mexico, Patty Marlett & Kevin Groeneweg
  • 2007 SW Colorado, Patty Marlett & Pete Janzen
  • 2008 Wichita Mtns, OK, Pete Janzen
  • 2008 North Woods, Patty Marlett & Kevin Groeneweg
  • 2009 Rio Grande Valley, TX, Patty Marlett & Kevin Groeneweg & Pete Janzen
  • 2010 South Florida, Kevin Groeneweg & Mike Heaney & Pete Janzen & Patty Marlett
  • 2011 Eastern KS hotspots, Kevin Groeneweg
  • 2012 Pacific NW, Kevin Groeneweg, Patty Marlett, Jeff Calhoun
  • 2013 North Carolina, Kevin Groeneweg
  • 2014 Hutton Niobrara Sanctuary, Patty Marlett
  • 2014 Southern California, Kevin Groeneweg, Pete Janzen, Patty Marlett
  • 2015 Colorado, Pete Janzen, Jeff Calhoun
  • 2016 Southeast OK Tom Ewert
  • 2017 Magee Marsh, Ohio, Kevin Groeneweg
  • 2018 Texas Hill Country, Kevin Groeneweg
  • 2019 Roaring River, MO, Patty Marlett & Kevin Groeneweg
  • 2020 Lower Rio Grande Valley, Kevin Groeneweg, Pete Janzen, Patty Marlett
  • 2022 Western Kansas, Pete Janzen, Kevin Groeneweg
  • 2023 High Island, Texas, Kevin Groeneweg, Patty Marlett